I don’t write reviews often, but I had to write a review for Dr. Katie. She is amazing! She thoroughly listens to my health needs and is constantly readjusting based on my needs at the time. I have had acupuncture by several other practitioners before, but she truly is the best!

I have neuropathy and for me staying on a strict schedule for my appointments with her works well to keep the pain at bay. I’m pregnant now so I can’t take medication for my condition, but Dr. Katie has been a lifesaver! If I miss an appointment, my body can tell!

She also integrates other healthy practices. She’s talked to me about diet and exercise. I used to eat fast food daily, but under her direction (including her giving me yummy, healthy muffins and passing along healthy-option recipes) I have gradually started leaning towards healthier options. She also recommended yoga (my idea of exercise had been getting up from the couch to look for a lost TV remote!) to help with the neuropathy symptoms and pregnancy.

She’s so great and cares so much that she actually went with me to my first pre-natal yoga class so that I felt comfortable! She truly cares about her patients. I highly recommend her!
— Leslie M.
I started seeing Dr. Katie about two or three months ago. It was my first exposure to acupuncture and herbal medicine, and I am really happy with the entire experience. Dr. Katie is super nice and amazing at her work. I was nervous going in my first time, but Dr. Katie made the whole experience very relaxing and calming. She has even created her own special herbal mixtures for myself, just demonstrating how invested she is in each of her patients. I would recommend Dr. Katie time and time again!
— Calvin S.
I first came to Dr. Katie back in November of 2014 and I hit the jack pot! I had already been through two months of chiropractic treatments at another place and no improvement on my back or knees until that one first visit with Dr. Katie. She really took an interest in my symptoms and went to work on me. Immediately after I got up from the table, I felt a huge improvement on my back and knees. She adjusted places that the other doctor had never touched. I walked out of her office a new person pain free!!!

I like that Dr. Katie listens and explains why/how things happen, how she will treat them, and what I can do to improve them. After having experienced myself how good she was (and is) as a chiropractor, I accepted her suggestion on acupuncture as a second method to speed my recovery. Today, the pain on my back and knees is gone.

I still see Dr. Katie for overall improvement on my health mainly through acupuncture and I always welcome a chiropractic adjustment once a month as I like to keep up good posture on my back.

It is a big plus having both acupuncture and chiropractic services provided by the same person. Dr. Katie really cares and works hard to help me better my overall health. I feel she now knows more how my body works than I do myself.

I highly recommend Dr. Katie Ngan for acupuncture and chiropractic treatments.
— Dora F.
Dr. Katie is absolutely wonderful! I had been to acupuncture a few times when I lived in Texas and was happy with the experience there, but as soon as I went to Katie, I figured out how much better it could be.

She was able to completely get rid of my migraines, which is a godsend! Anyone who has migraines will understand how excited I was when I realized they were gone. I don’t even get a slight headache anymore.

Dr. Katie is very professional and really takes the time to understand your needs. She is very gentle with the needles and I can honestly say that I look forward to my visits every time. If you’re thinking of trying out acupuncture, I can only recommend it and Dr. Katie.
— Anna T.
Katie is wonderful. My husband and I never had acupuncture before and we had heard wonderful things of how it helps you feel better so we found Katie! She was very thorough with explaining the whole process and discussed with each of us what things we were hoping to get relief from.

My husband had horrible back problems and had been suffering for years and on pain meds. Acupuncture not only made him feel better it totally took the pain away and he’s now off of all pain meds and going to the gym 5 times a week with no problems! Acupuncture helped me with my migraines and helped me with my digestion problems and all together made me feel so much better every day. It was amazing.

Katie was always offering us suggestions and supplements to help and she was always so kind and friendly, it was like we knew her for years she was that great! If you are looking to find a great place for this kind of treatment then make sure you contact Katie, you will not be disappointed!
— Tracy & Mike W.
Dr. Katie is a warm, funny, dynamic health practitioner who happens to be very skilled at her work for which I am so thankful. My stress level, crazy hormones, weakness and fatigue was taking over and it was becoming so difficult to get through each day. Her treatments, positive encouragement, and prescribed herbs have transformed me. I sleep great, have more energy, feel calm.

When I came home from my last treatment, my husband and daughter noticed a big difference in my mood and asked if I took a happy pill. No happy pills needed as long as I have Dr. Katie to help me reclaim my health. She is gifted and I am happy to refer family, friends and clients knowing that they will be in good hands.
— Sherri W.